Calypso was born from a simple idea: to search in nature for the most precious active ingredients to give the skin beauty and health.
Calypso, as at the time of the explorers, was discovered on overseas lands, in particular on the islands, plants, fruits or even flowers containing the most advanced active ingredients to obtain soft, hydrated skin, and which naturally gives a healthy glow.
Calypso's idea: a cosmetic that comes from plants and removes the superfluous from today's cosmetic formulas.



From her travels, Calypso has selected the most powerful active ingredients found naturally in nature. And as you know, you don't need much when choosing the right ones, hence the reduced list of ingredients. Because Calypso knows what's best for your skin.



Calypso is committed to the preservation of the environment and invites you to enter its world where respect for fauna and flora has its place. All our cosmetic products are organic with a very high percentage of certified active ingredients.
With Calypso, follow us into a universe of beauty where efficiency is the key word.

Discover our natural and organic skincare products for the face and body


I designed this brand as an invitation to travel, putting the most precious active ingredients offered by nature at the service of natural beauty.

Maxime Roger-Diotel, creator of the brand