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Rodolphe & Co

Created in 2014, Rodolphe&Co is the result of the work of Rodolphe, colorist and co-formulator of the brand. Rodolphe has a very rich experience in naturel hairdressing. "I searched for the best products on the organic hairdressing market for a long time and realized that organic existed, but innovation did not".

Rodolphe then decided to launch a differentiating brand in developing his products by combining Nature and Technology. In each of the products hide rare natural raw materials with high added value but also a real source of technological innovation. We offer many products with French patents which guarantee efficiency proven by science.

You get it, Rodolphe&Co is a complete brand for hairdressing professional who wish to differenciate with a global offer that relentlessly tackles the innovation of tomorrow.

Discover our natural and organic ranges for your hair

Rodolphe & Co range

Organic haircare & Styling HairSpa by Rodolphe&CO Mineral Colours Mineral Whitener RODOLPHE&CO Organic Infused Colors

Organic haircare & Styling

The HairCosmetics care routine by Rodolphe&Co incorporates a powerful concentration of certified Organic extracts, of essential oils, minerals, vitamins or proteins, that will both stimulate the scalp and restructure, sheathe and nourish the hair fiber. Professional expertise, efficiency, sensoriality…

Rodolphe&Co, a brand dedicated to scalp and hair care, composed of essential treating products, created and used in our salons and partnering hairdressers in the whole world, for a complete and sensory beauty ritual, for everybody.

HairSpa by Rodolphe&CO

The HairSpa expertise of our Maison de Coiffure invites you to discover a range of certified Organic treating care. Based on my hair beauty rituals, we bring a unique expertise to the treating of hair and scalp.

Mineral Colours

With Mineral Colours, discover a large range of natural and durable hair colors, formulated with our precious mother-of-pearl extracts from French Brittany for its high mineral concentration, arginin, plant oils and butters, as well as our complex of certified Organic tinctorial plants to bring highlights to your hair color.


You get it, Mineral Colours is an exclusive colorist experience, in the values of excellence and respect for the profession. 100% coverage of white hair and guarantee free of MEA (ethanolamin), Ammonia, PEG, EDTA, RESORCINOL, PPD and PTD.

Mineral Whitener

Execute the Mineral Balayage by Rodolphe&Co with our Mineral Whitener powder, only for colorists. Guaranteed free of sodium persulfate and ammonia, this very gentle powder allows a delicate whitening of the hair. It includes mineral silica, diamond powder and white clay for premium results. A unique formula that allows up to 6 levels of lift.

RODOLPHE&CO Organic Infused Colors

Lastest advanced research from our Maison de Coiffure. We offer to color your hair while providing care to the scalp thanks to our cutting-edge technology: Organic Infused Colors. The aim is to combine our coloring plant powders with our HydroGel, an exclusive and natural sea-salt solution developed and manufactured in our laboratories in Brittany, both entirely certified Organic by Cosmos Organic. With results of excellence, combining coloring with in-depth scalp and hair care thanks to the Gel's high concentration in mineral active ingredients.

Cosmeticity, shine and powerful colors guaranteed. Guaranteed free of synthetic dyes, sodium picramate, heavy metals. Tested under dermatological control (Europe), non tested on our beloved animals.