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Tropical Oil (Huile Tropicale)
Micellar Mist (Brume Micellaire)
Gentle Face Scrub (Douceur Visage)
Gentle Body Scrub (Douceur Corps)
Good Day Hydrating Cream (Bon Jour)
Well Being Hydra-Soothing Mask (Bien Être)

Calypso, face and body care that look like you

Discover Calypso, our new brand of natural and organic face and body care. Created in 2022, Calypso was born from a simple idea: to search in nature for the most precious active ingredients to provide the skin with beauty and health. Calypso's idea: a cosmetic that is born from plants and that removes the superfluous from today's cosmetic formulas. From its travels, Calypso has selected the most powerful active ingredients found naturally in nature, to incorporate them into its face and body treatments, suitable for everyone.


Choosing one’s natural and organic cosmetics

We must keep in mind that everything we apply to our skin is absorbed by our body. We have every interest in understanding what we apply on our skin and selecting the face and body care that suits us, preferably natural and organic.

Natural and organic cosmetics are mainly derived from plant active ingredients, grown in a respectful manner without pesticides or synthetic additives. This cultivation method is not only good for the conservation of plant assets, but also respectful of the planet because no synthetic product is dumped into the environment.

Plants are valuable active ingredients with many benefits. Indeed, a plant often does not have just one but many benefits at the same time: hydration, nutrition, regeneration, protection, soothing, anti-oxidation, etc. When many synthetic ingredients are needed to fulfill all these roles, natural and organic body and face care thus benefit from a reduced list of ingredients and avoid the superfluous while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Face and body care products with plant-derived active ingredients are not only effective, but also gentle on the skin and non-invasive for long-term health. In conventional cosmetics, synthetic active ingredients are formulated to act quickly: the results are visible very quickly, mistakenly suggesting efficient products. However, very often, the results are only aesthetic in the short term, and harmful effects invisible to the eye appear in the long term: skin irritations, headaches, respiratory disorders, hormonal disturbances, cancers for cases the most severe… With natural care, the skin absorbs only natural products, which are not harmful to health.

All Calypso face and body treatments are natural with a high percentage of certified organic active ingredients. The choice of biological active ingredients is made meticulously for their cosmetic benefits and their sensoriality, to best respect the skin as well as the environment that surrounds us.


Taking care of the face

The face being the part of our body most exposed to external aggressions, it is also the most damaged part, which requires the most care.

After complete make-up removal, the Micellar Mist is ideal for perfecting cleansing and toning up the skin. Then proceed with a Gentle Face Scrub (Douceur Visage), grain-free, emollient and purifying, by performing circular movements, massaging from the inside to the outside of the face to respect the skin tissues. Once the face is clean and fresh, apply the Face Mask (Bien Être) and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. This hydra-soothing mask with regenerating properties will allow deep nutrition and hydration of the face. After rinsing off the mask, apply the Eye Sublimator eye contour care following the natural contour of the eyes, always working from the inside of the face outwards. Its two patents, Cernilys® and Reverskin®, help reduce dark circles and firm the skin around the eye, which is particularly thin and vulnerable. Finish your face care routine with the Bon Jour cream (in the morning) or Bon Soir cream (at night), to properly hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. Their richness in natural active ingredients and their light texture allow you to use only a small amount of product for the whole face.

Also remember to hydrate your lips throughout the day!


Taking care of the body

The skin of the body may be protected by clothing, it is still damaged: by our daily actions such as by the fibers of our clothes, or by the limestone of the water used in the shower. To keep skin soft and firm all over the body, you have to think about caring for it.

The Micellar Mist, with ginseng, minerals, green coffee and green tea, is as effective on the face as it is on the body to refresh and tone it.

The body scrub is also a gesture to adopt in your body care routine. Indeed, a regular exfoliation, after the shower for example, makes it possible to exfoliate the skin and rid it of all the impurities accumulated day by day. The black volcanic sand from Polynesia present in the Douceur Corps scrub is a suitable grain, allowing an exceptional quality of exfoliation, stimulation of blood circulation and soothing of the muscles. Finish the exfoliation with the Tropical Oil, with 5 precious organic oils, ideal for massaging and regenerating the skin.


Because a beautiful skin is maintained from the outside as well as the inside, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, adopt a healthy and balanced diet, and choose Calypso, a complete routine of natural and organic face and body care !

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