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Natural coloring: chemical-free hair dyes

In recent years, the progressive awareness about how dangerous chemical products are, as well as the multiplication of allergic reactions to them has put natural coloring forward. Most often plant-based, natural hair coloring is the result of many cutting-edge innovations, including Rodolphe&Co natural hair colors.


Natural coloring, a simple but ancestral practice

You should know that natural coloring by plants has existed since the dawn of time. In general, natural plant coloring is a coloring technique based on powder of tinctorial and Ayurvedic plants, mixed with water. Quite simple. It is therefore a 100% natural process, without any synthetic product.

Because of its naturalness, plant-based coloring is a natural coloring technique that has come back in force in recent years, with the general awareness about the importance of naturalness.


The benefits of a natural coloring

A chemical coloring – called oxidation – is revealed with synthetic pigments mixed with an oxidant, often ammonia or ethanolamine (MEA), which are aggressive substances for the hair and scalp, and potentially dangerous (allergens, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors…) in addition to being harmful to the environment .Such a mixture (called oxidation-reduction) can penetrate to the core of the hair fiber, in order to allow a very rapid hold and a lasting transformation of the hair.

A natural coloring is revealed by pigments of natural origin. There are two types of natural coloring: mineral hair coloring and plant-based hair coloring, both of which have various advantages:

  1. Respect for the environment: natural coloring, being free of chemicals, has many advantages, particularly in terms of ecology. By avoiding the use of chemical ingredients that are not always biodegradable, natural coloring products do not contaminate wastewater and are therefore much more respectful of the environment.
  2. Respect for the hair fiber: natural colors do not use ammonia or derivatives (ethanolamine or MEA), so they do not penetrate the hair fiber. This protects the health of the hair by limiting aggression.
  3. Respect for the scalp: due to the absence of often irritating and allergenic synthetic components, natural colors do not irritate the scalp and therefore avoid itching. The scalp is respected.
  4. Respect for the overall health: natural coloring products do not penetrate cells, and therefore the body, so they are less allergenic and carcinogenic (be careful, zero risk does not exist!). Mineral coloring as well as plant-based coloring are therefore both suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people undergoing treatment, chemo or simply who cannot stand conventional coloring products!


Plant-based coloring, a 100% natural and 100% organic hair coloring

Plant-based coloring is the most common natural coloring. It simply consists of a powder of tinctorial and Ayurvedic plants mixed with water. The whole will create a creamy mixture that is deposited on the hair without altering the fiber, like makeup, and thus allows a tone-on-tone coloring or a darker coloring than the base color, with a super natural result. Due to the absence of chemicals and especially ammonia, the hair fiber remains intact.

Organic Infused Colors professional plant-based hair colors by Rodolphe&Co are 100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert. Different plants are carefully selected and mixed together to meet various needs: a good hold on the hair, the coverage of white hair, the variation of reflections or even the protection of the hair thanks to the natural properties of plants. A meticulous selection of plants as well as a unique micronization of the powder give it a rendering of excellence. Mixed with a touch of HydroGel, the effectiveness of the color is boosted, for optimal coverage of white hair.

For individuals, the Greenleaf Botanique plant-based color range is a natural coloring solution combined with care, allowing you to maintain your roots at home or between visits to the salon.


Mineral Colours, an innovation in natural coloring

With the idea of developing the hair innovations of tomorrow, Rodolphe&Co has developed Mineral Colours, an innovative natural coloring solution based on mineral pigments.

Exclusive to Rodolphe&Co, the Mineral Colors range has been formulated with respect for the hair and the health overall. It consists of a creamy base composed of plant active ingredients and mineral pigments, a composition without ammonia or ethanolamin that does not penetrate to the heart of the hair fiber and alter its nature. Its high concentration of minerals and Mother-of-Pearl from Brittany also help remineralize and energize the hair, restore softness and shine, and care for it. It is a coloring process that is 95% to 97% natural, used with our Eco-Activators made with urea peroxide. Its wide choice of colors, its shorter resting time compared to plant-based coloring, its 100% coverage of white hair, make Mineral Colors the favorite natural coloring solution for colorists.

Because natural coloring does not lighten the hair, Rodolphe&Co also offers you Mineral Whitener, a natural and professional lightening solution based on mineral silica, diamond powder and white clay, allowing up to 6 levels of whitening, while respecting the health of the hair.


Master the art of coloring naturally

For professional colourists, we provide different levels of training throughout the year to become experts in natural colouring. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

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