How to properly make an oil bath?

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How to properly make an oil bath?



You want to make a gesture for your damaged hair and make an oil bath as you are often advised, but do not know how to go about it?

Follow the guide!



The benefits of a hair oil


Hair, like the rest of the body, is a living part of our body that requires regular attention and maintenance..


Vegetable oils, due to their richness in ceramides, fatty acids and vitamins, provide a number of benefits for the hair, depending on the oil chosen. In general, vegetable oils nourish, strengthen and protect the hair. Externally, it helps to soften them, smooth the hair fiber, remove frizz and make the hair shine. Some also help regulate sebum production, stimulate cell renewal, repair split ends or even stimulate hair growth.


The application of a vegetable oil is especially beneficial for dry, brittle and/or damaged hair, in order to limit the damage and regenerate the health of the hair. Frizzy hair, which tends to be drier and more brittle than other hair types, often requires more attention and oil-based care.



The benefits of an oil bath on the hair


One of the many possible applications of a hair oil is the oil bath. It is a deep treatment that nourishes and hydrates the hair in depth, and thus gives the hair the benefit of all the active ingredients of the oil that is used.


Be careful not to take the oil bath literally: it's not about literally bathing your hair! We explain to you below in the article how to make an oil bath properly!



Why make an oil bath with the Rodolphe&Co Botanic Oil?


The Botanic Oil by Rodolphe&Co is a 100% natural professional complex of 5 precious and organic oils. Particularly suitable for dry and split ends, it allows nutrition, hydration and shine of the hair for a natural shine and a soft touch. This complex of oils also allows various actions to protect the hair against external aggressions, such as UV rays or pollution. So what is the Botanic Oil made of?


Organic argan oil: sonsidered one of the best hair care products for dry hair, argan oil has superb nourishing properties for the hair. It helps fighting against the appearance of split ends (which particularly affects long hair), and stimulates cell renewal, which helps with hair growth.


Organic sweet almond oil: with its greasier texture, sweet almond oil nourishes the hair, restores shine and suppleness, and stimulates the production of sebum to protect the hair.


Organic avocado oil: rich in moisturizing agents, proteins and vitamins, avocado oil restores shine and softness to the hair, while creating a protective film around the hair fiber to protect it from external aggressions such as pollution or UV rays.


Organic macadamia oil: rich in palmitoleic acid and oleic acid, with a delicious nutty smell, macadamia oil helps protect hair while nourishing, regenerating and soothing.


Organic sesame oil: sesame oil has an effective action of nutrition, hydration and protection of the hair against UV rays.




How to properly make an oil bath?


The oil bath has to be done before a shampoo, on dry or lightly damp hair.

  • Take the equivalent of about one to two tablespoons of the Botanic Oil, and apply to your hair at the lengths. You can use the rest of the oil to give yourself a little hair massage.
  • Leave on for 1 hour minimum, the best is to keep the treatment all night, wrapping your hair in a hot towel. The heat will allow the scales to open and the active ingredients in the oil to penetrate better. To heat the towel, you can simply moisten it and put it in the microwave for 1 min.
  • Finish your oil bath by shampooing as usual. Lather it all over the scalp, and repeat the operation if necessary. Finish rinsing with cold water to close the cuticles of the hair and make them shine.


To add a touch of hydration to this treatment, add a small amount of the Hydrating Hair Mask and do the Infinium Ritual!





Vigilant points:


1/ Be careful that the hair is not dripping, but simply covered with a thin layer of oil. Too much oil does not boost the active ingredients and can, on the contrary, cause unwanted reactions: suffocation and saturation of the scalp, increased production of sebum and dandruff at the roots... So adapt the quantity to your volume of hair!


2/ Do not multiply the oil baths to amplify the effects. Adopt this deep treatment as a ritual once a week, that is enough in most cases. You can even space them out for up to two weeks: your hair must have time to benefit from the active ingredients provided to it!


3/ SOS colored hair: will the bath cause the color to fade? No way ! The Rodolphe&Co Botanic Oil is completely suitable for colored hair, no risk!


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