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A Rodolphe&Co partner salon?

Not all Rodolphe&Co partner salons offer the same services.
To know which Rodolphe&Co service each salon offers, simply follow this color code :

⚪ Mineral Whitener Balayage
🟢 Plant-based Organic Infused Colors
🔵 Mineral Colours
🟤 Rodolphe&Co hair care retail products

A Greenleaf Botanical point of sale?

Our 100% organic plant hair colors Greenleaf Botanique as well as the associated care are available in pharmacies, parapharmacies, organic stores, as well as our online shop. Find the Greenleaf Botanique point of sale closest to you by consulting the map below :

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For international orders :

- Canada : www.novyco.com

- Spain : www.rodolphe-co.es

- Netherlands : www.chapter.green

- Germany : www.chapter.green

- Flemish Belgium : www.chapter.green

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Get certified using natural and organic products, designed and made in France by Rodolphe, colorist and co-formulator of the Maison Rodolphe&Co.

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