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238 people trained :

Certification rate 100% - Satisfaction rate 100% - Dropout rate 0%





After consulting our Vannes training schedule, please send us the following information by email at:

- The training, the date

- A professional certificate (CAP, BP, a KBIS, registration extract or a professional card)

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In our training center in Vannes and at our certified hairdressers' all around France, Belgium and Switzerland. 

We can also travel to salons with more than 4 participants. 


1 day: 300€*

*Payment possible for French hairdressers by FAFCEA and OPCO.

More info on the terms and conditions by email at



Training MINERAL COLOURS Level 1

Introduction Rodolphe&Co (watch and learn) 


Discover our ultra innovative, natural and mineral hair coloring line Mineral Colours! This quick discovery and learning session is the perfect introduction to organic hairdressing lifestyle, beauty and gestures. 


You will learn: 

• Introduction to organic hairdressing lifestyle, beauty and Green Business 

• Overview of Mineral Colours and Mineral Whitener

Model 1: Mineral Colours 

Model 2: Balayage or other hair whitening technique


Focus: Mineral Colours, Mineral Whitener, post-service care products. 

Duration: 7 hours 



Training MINERAL COLOURS Level 2

Professional Expertise (on model + learn) 


Gain creativity and expertise with our session specifically created to develop new services in your salons. We will go further on your daily experiences and try to answer all your technical questions. 


You will learn: 

• Develop new mixes  

• How to work light and shadow in mineral 

Model 1: Mineral Colours + whitening 

Model 2: Free creation with evaluation of several technical cases


Focus: Mineral Colours, Mineral Whitener, post-service care products.

Duration: 7 hours

Prerequisites: minimum 3 months of experience with the brand




Introduction (watch and learn) 


Discover our award-winning hair coloring line, Hair Product of the Year 2020 by COSMETIQUE MAG, 100% plant-based, certified ORGANIC by Ecocert Cosmos Organic. The first plant-based coloring infused with a certified Organic gel for greater hold and highlights on the hair. 


You will learn: 

• Introduction and learning of the plants and the Infused Colors technology 

• The different applications steps and the role of water in our mixes

Model 1: 1 step Organic Infused Colors application  

Model 2: 2 steps Organic Infused Colors application  


Focus: Plant-based Organic Infused Colors, pre- and post-service care products

Duration: 7 hours 




Techniques & Creativity


Explore the creative universe of Mineral Balayage through the use of our Mineral Whitener powder. Without ammonia or derivatives, without sodium persulfate, this is the first bleach to work with urea peroxide. 


You will learn: 

• Introduction to the Mineral Whitener powder

• Discovery of the different whitening techniques possible with the Mineral Whitener powder

Model 1: Type 1 whitening

Model 2: Type 2 whitening


Focus: Mineral Whitener, Mineral Colours, Infused Colors, post-service care products

Duration: 7 hours  

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