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Hairdressing tools

Being a responsible hairdresser not only means using natural products that are not harmful to health, but also adopting responsible tools that respect your ethical commitment. At Rodolphe&Co, we have studied the best innovations on the market to offer you a selection of professional hairdressing tools that meets your needs while sticking with your values.

Among our selection of professional hairdressing tools, find our different ranges of high quality tools to ensure high quality services.

"I have always been keen to work with professional tools of the same quality as the products I use on my clients. With my range of accessories you can finally be in accordance with your ethical convictions while having PRO tools." - Rodolphe



Discover the Rodolphe&Co professional accessories in bioplastic. Ingenious, qualitative, they are created from vegetable wheat and barley fibers as well as recycled plastic. Get your essential coloring tools with the mixing whisk, the application brush and the bowl, with its practical handle to move around at your convenience without the risk of letting the bowl slip away! The bioplastic hair clips, by 6, allow you to hold your separations in place and apply your color with complete peace of mind. The palettes, available in two sizes, adapt to the length of your client's hair to ensure the most comfortable application possible for the hairdresser.

Note that the bioplastic hairdressing material is mainly recommended for your mineral coloring and balayage services.



Discover our professional hairdressing accessories in natural wood and plastic-free.

The wooden hairdressing tools by Rodolphe&Co are perfectly designed for everyday use, in natural materials intelligently combined with traditional and resistant materials such as boar bristles to contribute in a responsible and lasting way to the shine and health of your hair.

The natural green sandalwood and buffalo horn comb is ideal for creating clean separations, while the natural green sandalwood and boar bristle brush is ideal for your 100% plant-based Organic Infused Colors or Greenleaf Botanical colorings.

Note that the wooden brush is not recommended for use with our Mineral Whitener powder.



Protect yourself and your customers properly with our Rodolphe&Co robe and anti-stain apron protections, made in France. The Rodolphe&Co towel, 100% cotton, is the hairdresser's ultimate companion, no matter which service.



Protect your hands as well as the face of your customers with Skin Protech+, a protective cream with organic shea butter active ingredients, kelp algae extract, sea water, aloe vera, mother-of-pearl, for optimal hydration and protection! Apply it before applying your mineral or plant-based color, to clean stains more easily at the end of your service. Remember to add Skin Protech+ to your list of hairdressing equipment!



In recent years, the hydroalcoholic spray has become an essential hairdressing tool! This natural French formula and recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) will ensure the hygiene of your hands and your professional hairdressing tools. Formula respectful of your hands with its organic glycerin.



Give your customers a moment of extra comfort with the Oshibori Concept refreshing towels, made of 100% recyclable cotton. You can offer the Oshibori towel to your customer during their installation, to allow them to clean their hands, arms, cool off when it's hot or warm up when it's cold... Offer a premium welcome to your customers!

The Oshibori Concept refreshing towel can be used at room temperature, hot or cold. For a better experience, we advise you to heat the towel in its case in the microwave for 10 seconds for the winter, or to place it in the refrigerator in its case a few hours before use to enjoy its freshness in the summer.

The Oshibori towel is perfumed with white tea, a French fragrance made in Grasse. Product made in France, in 100% recyclable cotton. The towel is single-use for the hands, but is washable and reusable for other purposes.



Our exclusive applicator allows you to use your treatment products well on a daily basis. Its ball studs allow you a gradual release of the product, and a homogeneous application of your hair care on the scalp.

The essential accessory for an effective application of your 100% natural Dermo-Specific serums and other hair care products.

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