Why choose our plant-based Organic Infused Colors ?

Our plant-based Organic Infused Colors by Rodolphe&Co is the result of traditional Indian ayurvedic savoir-faire combined with French technology developed by Rodolphe&Co.

Our plant-based colors' formula is more effective and practical than what the existing market offers. The idea is to provide care and natural oxidation thanks to active ingredients of mineral origin such as our mother-water of Guérande or baking soda. We mix these mineral active ingredients with a tinctorial solution (70%) and care solution (30%) in order to create a tailor-made color for our customers. With Rodolphe&Co, rediscover plant-based coloring, with professional expertise as well.

What can we bleach without using ammonia?

With Mineral Whitener by Rodolphe&Co, you can whiten hair with gentleness thanks to active ingredients of mineral origin.

We use diamond powder, Kaolin or potassium persulfate for example, which is an oxidative from natural origin, which allows to not use ammonium persulfate or sodium persulfate, both very sensitizing for the hair. Our Eco-Activators contain urea peroxide which allows to avoid adding too much hydrogen peroxide, again very aggressive.

How many levels of lift can we obtain with the Mineral Whitener hair whitening powder?

With our mineral technology, we can guarantee up to 6 levels of bleach depending on the original color and hair quality. Without using ammonia, sodium persalts and 40 volumes of hydrogen peroxide.

Are the Mineral Colours permanent?

Our Mineral Colours allow a permanent and semi-permanent result, ask your certified hairdresser.

Is it possible to create a color using Mineral Colours and plant-based Organic Infused Colors?

Absolutely. Our two lines of coloring are compatible, which allows your certified colorist to work with both colors depending on the desired result. During our collections, we often use both lines to created exclusive results.

Is Mineral Colours a permanent ammonia-free coloring just like any other one?

Mineral Colors coloring is just as different from oxidation coloring as plant-based coloring is with chemical coloring. Our color does not contain the basic ingredient in oxidation which is ammonia or MEA (Ethanolamin for ammonia-free). Our colors therefore cannot lighten because oxidation does not occur in the same way and in the same places as traditional coloring.

Why is the Mineral Powder of Shampoo used before the plant-based Organic Infused Colors?

Before doing your plant-based Organic Infused Colors, the hair should be cleaned from all body soiling (sweat/fat), and external ones such as pollution, silicones is hair and styling products… The detox properties of our Mineral Shampoo allow to open lightly the scales of the hair to facilitate the hold of our plant pigments.


In which case should we do the Mineral Colours or the plant-based Organic Infused Colors?

The Mineral Colours are for you if: you like permanent coloring that covers the white hair well, you do have a lot of time, you like changing color through the seasons, you like balayages, ombrés, highlights on dark hair, you like cold highlights and don't like warm or golden tones.

The plant-based Organic Infused Colors are for you if: you have a goal of being 100% natural, you are not afraid of the green color of the product during the application, you like to receive care during the coloring process, you like warm and golden tones, you like the highlighting effect plant-based colors bring on white hair.

I would like to have a highlighted effect without doing a balayage, is it possible?

YES, using our plant-based Organic Infused Colors you will have a highlighted effect on your salt and pepper hair for example. Depending on your hair color, your colorist expertise will allow you to bring exclusive service to your simpler clients to the most demanding ones.

I am pregnant, can I used the plant-based color?

Yes, there is no contraindication to the use of plant-based coloring. You can also use our Mineral Whitener powder for a mineral balayage. The Mineral & Plant-based combo is top notch.

Plant-based and Mineral, can I develop a allergic reaction?

Whether you choose plant-based or mineral coloring, there is indeed no reason for you to be sensitized by an allergy, unless your allergic terrain is strong and you are already used to having allergies. In this case it is necessary to ask your certified hairdresser to perform an allergy test which he will perform on the bend in your elbow or behind one of your ears. Rest assured, it is painless and it shows great professionalism from our hairdressers.

What are the limits of our Mineral Colours and plant-based Organic Infused Colors?

In the spirit of great naturalness, we have banned many harmful or controversial chemical ingredients. Because of this, for example, we cannot lighten your natural base with our two lines of plant-based or mineral colours.

What is the resting time of a plant-based Organic Infused Colors in salon?

It depends on the desired color and the percentage of white hair that you need to cover. It can go from 30 minutes for blonde tones to 90 minutes for darker colors on white hair.

I do Keratin treatments or straightening, can I use Mineral Colors or Infused Colors?

Yes, our colorings are mostly compatible with keratin treatments on the market as long as they do not contain formalin or derivatives.

Why not shampoo in the 72 hours following a plant-based Organic Infused Colors?

It is indeed recommended to let the hair oxidize with air and not to rewash it in order to prevent the color from washing out. You have to let the magic of the plant settle on your hair and this durably.

You recommend applying your hair masks at the roots? I have fine hair and I am afraid of having heavy or greasy hair!

Impossible with Rodolphe&Co. We recommend applying our products our your scalp and hair because we have developed formulas that do not make the hair heavy nor greasy. Our care do their job, nothing more.

Why apply a care after the Rodolphe&Co shampoos?

Unlike products containing chemicals or silicone, we need to reverse the pH between washing and care. Quite simply: our shampoos cleanse and treat, our treatments provide long-lasting care.

Plant-based or mineral colours dry out the hair?

FALSE, our colors even contain many active ingredients that soften, moisturize and nourish your hair and scalp. When you enter a Rodolphe&Co certified salon, you are guaranteed to receive gentle, quality products for your beauty and your health.

Can I do a plant-based color at the salon if I was chemically colored the previous month?

Yes of course, but your certified hairdresser will apply our DTOX scrub in order to suppress the residues of chemical products and prepare the hair to receive a new type of pigments. This service is done on the day of coloring and lasts approximately 20 minutes.

What is COSMOS ORGANIC certified cosmetic?

It is the certification according to the international COSMOS standard or the private Ecocert reference system which allows you to label your natural or organic products. All products marketed with the Ecocert logo have been checked: from the composition and the transformation process to its packaging. Consumers thus have access to transparent information on the content of natural and organic ingredients indicated on the products.

Natural origin
All the ingredients used are of natural origin excepted a restricted list of approved ingredients (including preservatives) authorized in small quantity.
On average, the products certified by Ecocert contain 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Promoting organic
A beauty product is certified COSMOS ORGANIC only if:

  • At least 95% of the plants it contains are organic
  • A minimum of 20% organic ingredients are present in the formula in total (10% for rinse-off products)

Good to know: Water or minerals are not considered 'organic' because they are not from agriculture. Since water is a major component of many cosmetic formulas, this implies a dilution of the proportion of organic ingredients in the total of the product. Thus, a massage oil that does not contain water can display up to 100% organic ingredients.

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