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Sensitive scalp hair routine

Having a sensitive scalp can be a real daily annoyance, an annoyance that many people suffer from today. Irritation, itching, flaking, redness... are many signs of sensitive and reactive skin on the scalp. Different causes can explain this, and a very specific sensitive scalp routine can help relieve or even treat the problem in depth.


How to recognize a sensitive scalp?

A sensitive scalp is an irritated, often itchy scalp that causes the need for regular head scratching. More severe symptoms may manifest as signs of redness, patches, or even light bleeding (you could be suffering from psoriasis; for severe cases, we recommend you seeing a specialist in addition to a sensitive scalp routine to address this issue).

A sensitive scalp can also be prone to dandruff. The appearance of dandruff is due to the imbalance of the life cycle of epidermal cells on the scalp. The skin cells die faster than normal, which leads to the appearance of too many flakes of dead skin in the hair. Frequently scratching your hair does not help solving this problem neither. The aim of a sensitive scalp hair routine will therefore be to remove dandruff and soothe the scalp, in order to prevent the future appearance of dandruff.

Finally, an itchy scalp can also be due to a scalp that is too dry, which does not produce enough sebum, and which causes itching. The dryness of a dry scalp is to be compensated with a shampoo and nourishing care in particular.


How can a sensitive scalp be explained?

Using the wrong hair products is often the main cause of a sensitive scalp. Conventional hair products, with chemical ingredients, mostly contain silicones, a substance derived from petrochemicals that will aesthetically beautify the hair but will also suffocate the pores of the scalp. The use of hair products containing sulfates will also strongly attack the scalp, causing its drying and sensitization. When the natural protective barrier of the scalp is disturbed by these factors, micro-inflammations of the scalp can cause its sensitivity. This is why it is advisable to adopt an adapted sensitive scalp routine, with natural products free of these harmful ingredients.

An unbalanced diet, with deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, will also cause sensitization of the scalp, as well as intolerances or allergies.

A sensitive scalp can also be due to hormonal imbalances (pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycles, etc.), physical or psychological stress, or various environmental factors such as pollution or sunburn.

Afin de remédier à un cuir chevelu sensible, il est important de commencer par traiter ce qui est traitable en surface, comme se protéger contre les facteur environnementaux ou adopter une alimentation équilibrée par exemple. Le traitement en profondeur des causes internes se fera en adoptant une routine cuir chevelu sensible adaptée à votre cas.

In order to cure a sensitive scalp, it is important to start by treating what is treatable on the surface, such as protecting against environmental factors or adopting a balanced diet for example. The in-depth treatment of the internal causes will be done by adopting a sensitive scalp routine adapted to your case.


An appeasing, purifying, anti-dandruff and patented routine

To relieve a sensitive scalp, it is necessary to use natural hair products, favoring natural active ingredients, soft and soothing for the scalp. Among the active ingredients of choice, we can find aloe vera, arnica montana, mother-of-pearl from Brittany, Damascena rose, witch hazel, and even apple water. Purifying and remineralizing active ingredients such as Breton seaweed or Guérande salt can also be beneficial for purifying the scalp and allowing it to restart off on a good foot. In your Rodolphe&Co sensitive scalp routine, these natural active ingredients are certified organic when possible in order to guarantee optimal quality of the active ingredients of the plants. Only a certified organic plant can be guaranteed free of pesticides.

To guarantee optimal effectiveness of your sensitive scalp routine, we at Rodolphe&Co have chosen to integrate two patented active ingredients to guarantee proven effectiveness for a soothed scalp.

Ectoin® – soothing patent: Ectoin® is a molecule produced naturally by extremophile microorganisms living in extreme environments such as salt lakes, deserts or permafrost. This molecule binds the water molecules around it to form a moisturizing, nourishing and stabilizing protective shell, protecting the skin from stress (UV rays, pollution, cold, dryness...) and preventing cell damage. Its aim is to improve the elasticity of the skin, to protect the epidermal cells against the UV rays of the sun, to increase hydration, in order to protect the skin of the scalp and to normalize the life cycle of the cells.

Dandrilys® – anti-dandruff patent: Dandrilys® is a natural alternative to zinc pyrithione to effectively and durably fight dandruff. It is a natural active ingredient from the Ziziphus Joazeiro tree bark, rich in saponins, molecules with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immunomodulatory properties and other pharmacological benefits. This molecule aims to quickly remove dandruff (72-hour action), reduce irritation and itching of the scalp, regulate sebum secretion (one of the causes of the appearance of dandruff), restore the skin barrier and normalize cell renewal. .


Which products compose the sensitive scalp hair routine?

Start your sensitive scalp routine with a shampoo. Make your choice of shampoo according to your main need: if you have a dry scalp, go for the Moisturizing Shampoo. If you are more into purifying, soothing the scalp and eliminating dandruff, choose the patented Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. With a natural shampoo, a two-step application is often necessary: a first application to wash the hair, and a second for the penetration of the active ingredients.

After rinsing your shampoo and towel-drying your hair, continue your sensitive scalp routine with the Hydrating Hair Mask, an in-depth treatment that will deeply hydrate and nourish, thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing natural active ingredients. Insist on the scalp and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water to close the scales and protect the hair fiber.

Add the DTOX Scrub to your sensitive scalp routine to clarify your scalp. The natural active ingredients in this scrub are purifying, to rid the scalp of its impurities and prevent dandruff. Guérande salt grains will help stimulate blood circulation and normalize cell renewal. This clarification can replace your shampoo once a week or every two weeks, depending on the need.

Apply the Dermo-Sensitive Serum as a cure, in addition to your sensitive scalp routine. This 100% natural serum is a hair treatment in the form of a purifying, rebalancing serum that effectively eliminates dandruff thanks to exclusively natural and patented active ingredients Ectoin® and Dandrilys®. For more effectiveness, this hair treatment is to be applied with the Dermo-Specifique Applicator, an exclusive applicator comb allowing an even distribution of the product on the scalp, while stimulating self-massage, a habit recommended to stimulate circulation blood and better penetration of the product.

The Hair Force dietary supplements are a solution to naturally strengthen your hair and scalp from the inside, providing them with all the nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy growth. Rich in Breton seaweed and organic hemp oil of French origin, you will retrieve a healthy scalp, and sublimated hair in a few months!

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