What is Mineral Balayage?

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The Mineral Balayage – what is it?



Very popular at the moment, we hear more and more about Mineral Balayage, also called white clay balayage. What is this ? What's the difference with a classic balayage? Let us explain to you.



Technically, what is a balayage?


Balayage is a bleaching technique consisting of lightening the hair in fine strands, with the goal of illuminating the hair in a subtle and discreet way. This adds light and depth to the hair, while keeping the effect as natural as possible.

During our in-salon diagnoses, we explain to our clients the great advantages of balayage, which relate in particular to its less frequent recurrence than coloring for example, but also its maintenance constraints such as a shampoo and a treatment really adapted to prolong the life of blondes.



On what hair can you do balayages?


Women with blond, brown or black hair will appreciate the shadow and light effects offered by a balayage. Its quality exceeds that of a simple lightening shampoo or the result after a few days spent in the sun and will revive the beauty of your hair.



How to lighten hair?


In conventional hairdressing, products for lightening hair are composed of chemical elements such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, ammonium persulfate or sodium persulfate. These are components that will open the scales of the hair and alter their composition in order to obtain the desired shade. Clearly, the product will gradually discolor the natural color of the hair, going from a red reflection to a very light blond. As a result, by lightening your hair you can achieve shades ranging from dark caramel to platinum blonde, all the way to the strawberry highlights that have been in vogue for some time. The technique of the sun effect can also be an alternative to lighten the hair, starting from the root, thus making it possible to mark the regrowth too much. We also achieve many results called "transformation" which allow to drastically change the base color to an extreme, to go from a brown to a polar blonde for example..


But by getting into the hair fiber in this way, these products also dry out the hair, making it more porous, and ending up damaging it. And that's without mentioning their allergenic and harmful side to the health: the impact on the quality of your hair and your health is very strong and seriously damages the hair fiber. It is more than recommended not to do too many chemical balayages in the year so as not to "break" them.



What natural alternative for the balayage?


A natural and more healthy alternative exists today and is becoming more and more widespread: it is the Mineral Balayage (a natural balayage technique). Composed essentially of ingredients from plant origin, the Mineral Balayage naturally lightens the hair thanks to an oxidizing agent.


At Rodolphe&Co, we use our own lightening powder: Mineral Whitener. It is composed of ingredients of mineral origin, such as mineral silica, diamond powder and white clay which actively participate in opening the scales and facilitating oxidation. This powder allows lightening up to 6 tones and balayages that completely respects the hair fiber..



What are the benefits of a Mineral Balayage?


  • Does not damage the hair and respects the hair fiber
  • Without ammonia or derivatives, sodium persulfate, resorcinol, PPD, parabens, silicones...
  • Vegan friendly & gluten free
  • Works on natural hair and colored hair, chemically or naturally
  • Works on both mineral and plant-based hair color (Mineral Whitener powder is the only one that offers possible lightening on plant-colored hair!)


The natural balayage is a good alternative for people who want to change their hair color or brighten their complexion, with subtle and natural coloring techniques. This balayage technique offers a result to the hair like a streak effect, which can have blond, caramel or light brown highlights depending on your base color.


How to maintain a balayage?


After a balayage, you should continue to nourish and moisturize your hair. We recommend opting for a 100% natural dry oil such as the Botanic Oil and a Hydrating Hair Mask with natural and organic active ingredients, to be applied regularly for silky, shiny and healthy hair!


At Rodolphe&Co, we now offer a special treatment dedicated to blonde hair, the ULTIMATE BLONDE CARE. This product moisturizes and restores the tone of copper and/or yellow blondes thanks to the color activating active ingredients of rare natural and organic plants.



How much costs a Mineral Balayage?


Depending on the desired result, the work and the length of the hair, a Mineral Balayage can cost between around €95 and €115 (excluding additional treatments). It's the right compromise if you've never done coloring and you don't want too drastic a change for your face. The natural balayage ensures you many possibilities of trendy hairstyles, and a good result in the long term.



What does a Mineral Balayage looks like at Rodolphe&Co?


Here are some examples of Mineral Balayages carried out by our Rodolphe&Co experts:






Where can I do a Rodolphe&Co Mineral Balayage?


You can do a Mineral Balayage and get expert tips at our 1300 professional partner salons in France and abroad! Find the closest to you here!


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